DOP • graphic design • editor

Glitch Short Film - Watch here

DOP • graphic design • editor

Danze Macarbe Music Video - Watch here


Who am I?

Hi hi! My name is Ricky Thind. I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer, Film Editor/Director/DOP, Illustrator and Web Developer. I design logos, websites, brochures, banners and book covers etc. I shoot and edit music videos, documentaries and film.

I have collaborated with many clients from all over the world to produce great design and film.

What’s on this site?

Thisthind is my Freelance Graphic Design and Film portfolio. You can view a few samples of my film or graphic design work, explore my Blog and About. Of course, if you would like to request a project or ask questions, you can always Contact me.


Technical Skills

– Graphic Design
– Communication Design
– Identity/Branding Design
– Print Design
– Infographics
– Illustration
– Webdesign
    – WordPress
    – CMS (Condeco/Tridion)

– Director of Photography (Panasonic AG-AF 101 E, Sony a7s II, 60D, 7D and 5D)
– Film Editor
– Lighting set-up

Software Skills

– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe InDesign
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Dreamweaver

– Adobe Premier Pro CC
– Adobe After Effects CC
– Sony Vegas Pro
– Final Cut Pro

– 3D Studiomax