My Graphics design teacher told me once:

“To never limit yourself to what you hear, feel and see. As hindering yourself, by being the closed type, will cost you an invaluable experience. That experience maybe would have elivated your next piece of work.”


So, I get my inspiration from a love of technology, programming, design blogs, music, film (especially world cinema) and reading books.

I have been editing video since I was 12, using my fathers JVC VHS camera and two VHS recorders. I would create stop-motion film, short documentaries and horror films. I now edit video, create titles/SFX in Adobe CC and write and storyboard my own work.

I take photos, manipulate photos and have heavily been involved in creating print material using Indesign – these include large 100-page million+ catalogue runs. Designed for Ruby Wax and poster key art for feature films.

I also love traveling – so much that I decided to live in Dharamshala in India for 4 months to teach Tibetan refugees the Queens English. Other interests include photography, computer hardware modification, playing guitar/piano and American politics.